Things Millennial Home Buyers Look for in a House

It is no secret that the Millennial generation is quite different from the generations before it. As such, gaining a better understanding of what they look for in a house is important for both developers and those who are looking to sell their home. While there are no hard rules when it comes to what Millennials are looking for in a house, here are a few of the top things that most say they want in their home.

Smart Features

Millennials have lived their entire lives in the era of technology, which means they expect their homes to reflect the latest in what technology has to offer. Automated or voice devices that control lighting systems, appliances, heating systems, and garage doors are particularly important to the Millennial demographic.

Along these same lines, many Millennials are going to make their buying decision based at least in part on the strength of a mobile carrier’s signal or its Internet provider options. While you have little control over these factors, you should at least be prepared to answer questions about these features.

Updated Bathrooms

With many Millennials purchasing their homes on a budget, they are not interested in buying one that is need of upgrades. As such, most are looking for homes where the bathrooms have already been updated with current bathroom designs.

Energy Efficiency

In their quest to save money while also reducing their carbon footprint, Millennials are looking for homes offering energy-efficient features. Installing LED lights and a programmable thermostat are two easy ways to make your home more energy-efficient and appealing to Millennials.

Ample Kitchen Space

With the kitchen serving as a social center in their homes, Millennials are looking for spacious kitchens that flow with the rest of the rooms in the home. The kitchen should also be updated with integrated appliances and stylish designs.

Hardwood Floors

Millennials are looking for homes that are easy and inexpensive to maintain. This means they are not interested in spending hours vacuuming and shampooing carpeting in their homes. Hardwood flooring is also more appealing than carpeting because it tends to last longer, which further helps them keep down their costs.

Granite Counters

Along the same lines of hardwood floors, granite counters are attractive to Millennials because they are an attractive and relatively hassle-free counter option.

Storage Space

Storage space is important to Millennials, who want a home that offers enough space for their creative endeavors and the possibility of future expansion. Storage features that are appealing to Millennials include a walk-in pantries, linen closets, and spacious garages.

Open Floor Plan

Most Millennials do not care for well-structured floor plans where every room has a specific purpose. Rather, they prefer homes with an open floor plan where they can convert the space to meet their needs. This means they look for large space in their family rooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Along these same lines, many want a home with space that can be used as an office or for their creative endeavors so they can do both from the comfort of home.


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