Small Changes to Save Big on Home Energy Costs

We’re all feeling the pinch of inflation as we head into summer. With rising costs for nearly everything, savvy homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on monthly expenses. One key area where everyone would like to save money is home energy costs. But with Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) recently announcing that Oahu residents could see an increase of up to ten percent on upcoming bills, how can homeowners save? Fortunately, there are small changes you can make at home to help you save big on your energy costs. These are our top tips to make sure more money stays in your wallet.

Use LED lightbulbs

Have you been dragging your heels on making the switch to LED lightbulbs? Well, now would be the time to do it. LED lightbulbs only use 6-8 watts to create the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. And they’re twice as efficient as CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) and last much longer than traditional bulbs. LED lightbulbs are now very affordable, so switch out all your old bulbs today.

Become more waterwise

Being mindful about the water you consume can also help save you money on your energy costs. When washing dishes or laundry, wait until you have a full load. Set your dishwasher so that it air dries your dishes, and use cold water when washing laundry. Taking shorter showers can also save you money. By shaving just two minutes off your shower, you can save up to $56 a year per person! Another trick to save money is to turn off your water heater overnight when you aren’t using it.

Be smart in the kitchen

There are small changes you can make to save money in the kitchen, too. First, when you’re reheating meals, use your microwave instead of the stove. Did you know that microwaves use up to ⅔ less energy than conventional ovens? In fact, finding other ways to reduce your oven usage will help, too. Try grilling your food, or use other appliances such as air fryers, pressure cookers, and toasters. If you do use the oven, don’t open the door to peek inside! You lose up to 25 degrees every time you do, and you’ll use extra energy to heat the oven back up. And when boiling water, use a lid to cover the pot so you retain more heat.

Stay cool when the temperatures rise

We know how tempting it is to crank up the AC when temperatures start to rise. But small changes here can also save you big. When possible, use fans instead of the AC. And when you have your air conditioning on, be sure all your doors and windows are closed. Close curtains during the day, which can block up to 25 percent of the sun’s heat. Use a programmable thermostat, and upgrade to an Energy Star AC unit if possible. And don’t forget to clean and replace your AC filters!

More ways to save

Hawaii Energy has created a website with even more ideas about how you can save on your energy bills at home. If you try even just a few of them, then you could see noticeable savings on your next bill!

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