Diamond Head Region

Diamond Head is an iconic region named after the Diamond Head State Monuments, one of Oahu’s most well-known sights. This upscale section of Honolulu consists of several diverse neighborhoods and is characterized by dramatic views as well as a multitude of local restaurants and cafes.

Stunning Aerial Footage of Diamond Head

Hawaii is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, and the Diamond Head area is the epitome of the breathtaking sights and gorgeous landscapes that residents have the privilege of experiencing every day. With magnificent mountain ranges, lush parks, enchanting white sand beaches, and marvelous ocean and bay views, the grandeur of this locale is absolutely astonishing. Take an aerial tour of Diamond Head and witness the exceptional splendor of the Hawaii Islands.

Diamond Head Region Neighborhoods

Diamond Head encompasses an excellent array of quality neighborhoods complete with stunning scenery and lovely communities. Every Diamond Head neighborhood possesses a unique personality expressed through their distinctive features. With such a diverse blend of charming areas, it is easy to find a location that is perfect for your individualized needs.

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