Pros and Cons: Buying New Construction vs Existing homes

When purchasing a home in Oahu, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you want to purchase new construction or existing home. By exploring the pros and cons of both options, you will be better able to determine which of these choices is the best for your lifestyle and your budget.

Floor Plans

One of the pros of purchasing new construction is that you have the ability to create the floor plan that suits you best. If your home is custom-built, you will have complete control over the floor plan. In other cases, you may have the option to choose from a variety of pre-determined floor plans. Either way, you have more control over the floor plan when you purchase new construction rather than buying an existing home.


While existing homes can be landscaped in any way that you desire, it will take many years for the plants, trees and bushes that have been planted to mature. With an existing home, you also purchase well-established landscaping flora. Not only is this attractive, but mature trees will help to shade the home in the summer while also protecting against wind and blocking out traffic noise at nighttime. 


When purchasing a new construction home, you have the ability to add those personal touches that make the home better suited to your taste and needs. While it is possible to personalize existing construction, as well, you will have to do the work yourself or hire someone to complete the task for you. 


Sometimes, you simply cannot beat the location that an existing home has to offer. While new construction is generally created in exurbia where longer work commutes become necessary, existing homes may be located in a more ideal spot. Similarly, new construction in the city tends to be in the form of high-rise condos or in-fill homes on small urban lots. If you are looking for more outdoor space or if you are interested in living in a particular neighborhood or community, an existing home may be the better option. 


Since a new construction home will come with new appliances and home systems, it will likely be more energy-efficient than an existing home. Of course, this may not always be the case, as an existing home may have recently undergone upgrades to more energy-efficient appliances and systems. Nonetheless, with new construction, you are guaranteed to receive new appliances and systems that are under warranty. 


Purchasing new construction can easily take anywhere from five to six months before you can move in. With an existing home, you can move in right away and avoid the stress of waiting for the home to be completed.


New construction home is less likely to require an investment in maintenance costs than an existing home. While maintenance costs are a normal part of homeownership, you should be able to put off these costs for a longer period of time with a new construction home because all of your appliances and systems are brand new and under warranty. With an existing home, some of these systems may need to be replaced or repaired shortly after you move in. 

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