Power of Staging When Selling Your Oahu Home

Staging your home is one of the most important steps you can take toward getting your home sold quickly and at a price that will make you happy. Through the process of staging, your goal is to create a warm and welcoming home that will invite potential buyers to envision themselves creating a life in the space that you have for sale. To accomplish this goal, there are three major concepts that you should keep in mind.


Since you want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your home, you need to remove any obstacles that will prevent that from happening. This includes removing personal items and décor that helped to create a sense of home for you while you were living there. Family photos, personal objects, and family heirlooms should all be packed away and moved out of sight before bringing potential buyers to view your home. Your goal is to help the potential buyer see ways to create that sense of “home” for him or herself instead.

Make Your Décor Accessible

The way you decorate your home is also quite personal in terms of the colors and the type of decorations you choose. When staging your Oahu home, avoid odd colors and bold decorative elements. While the decorative features may be appealing to you, you will have significantly reduced the number of people who will find your home appealing. Instead, choose decorative elements and colors that are sophisticated and elegant, yet simple.

Neutral colors are good options for paint, while throw pillows and simple flower arrangements can provide that extra “pop” that most potential buyers are sure to enjoy. In addition, while arranging the furniture in your home, avoid the temptation to simply push it all up against the wall. Instead, create interest by placing furniture in unique patterns that still make it possible to easily move about the room. Remember, you want the space to look good, but you also want to create an open, clutter-free feeling that welcomes potential buyers into each room.

Keep It Clean and Up-to-Date

It should go without saying that your house should be well cleaned and that all necessary repairs should be complete before bringing potential buyers to view your home. Nonetheless, it is easy to become used to seeing certain items that are in need of cleaning and repair as you have lived with them every day. View your home with a critical eye and complete any repairs that are necessary before ensuring that your home is spotless.

As you are looking through your home to identify areas that are in need of repair, you should also consider what parts of your home may be in need of modernization. If your cabinets are out-of-date or if you do not have water-efficient and energy-efficient items installed in your home, you may need to purchase some updated items in order to make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

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