Get Your Honolulu Kitchen Ready for Thanksgiving

We’re so thankful that we’re able to gather more safely in person this year. What better way to celebrate than to invite your loved ones over for a festive meal! If you have the honor of hosting this year, then you may be feeling a little stressed as the big day approaches. One way to get a handle on that anxiety is to get your home prepped – especially the kitchen. Having a clean and orderly kitchen will make things less chaotic and allow you to enjoy yourself more. If you’re the chef this year, then this is what you should do to get your kitchen ready for Thanksgiving

Get rid of clutter

No matter how good you are at cleaning while preparing a meal, nothing destroys a kitchen faster than Thanksgiving meal prep. One way you can help to keep the chaos to a minimum on the big day is to declutter your kitchen in the days leading up to the holiday. Do a thorough sweep of your kitchen and get rid of those things you don’t need. These could include:

  • Plastic containers that are missing their lids and vice versa
  • Take-out menus, paper napkins, and condiment packets from restaurants
  • Expired spices
  • Chipped dishes
  • Old sponges, dishrags, and towels you no longer use
  • Expired pantry items
  • Anything you have more than three of when you only use one
  • Junk in the junk drawer

Clean out the fridge

Thanksgiving meal prep can max out the space in your fridge. That’s why it’s so important to clean out the fridge to make more room for everything that will need to be kept cold (including all those delicious leftovers!). Toss anything moldy, of course, and leftovers that you will no longer eat. Finish eating whatever leftovers are still good. In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, plan to use ingredients you already have on hand instead of shopping for new items. Look for anything that may need to be refilled, including condiments. Then, clean and disinfect your refrigerator. There really is nothing better than having a sparkling fridge ready for action on Thanksgiving day!

Make your shopping list

By taking the time to go through your pantry and your refrigerator, you’ll be able to see what items you need to replenish before Thanksgiving and which ones you don’t. This will make it easier to write up your shopping list and will save you money by not purchasing duplicates of what you already have on hand. We only need so many cans of condensed milk or canisters of fried onions.

Clean the kitchen

Finally, give your kitchen a good cleaning before you begin prepping the food for Thanksgiving. This includes cleaning the oven and stovetop, wiping down countertops and cabinet doors, cleaning and disinfecting the sink, and sweeping and mopping the floor. 

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