Five Tips for Adding Privacy to Open Concept Houses

An open concept house creates a wide, airy space that is perfect for Hawaiian living. While there are many advantages to an open concept floor plan, including letting in all of the natural light and beauty from the outdoors, this type of floor plan can make it difficult to create a sense of privacy at times. In order to enjoy the open concept while still giving yourself and everyone else in your household plenty of private space, you might want to consider these five tips.

Tip #1: Create Levels

Varying floor levels or installing ceilings with differing heights can create the illusion of privacy while separating your home into “zones” for different functions. Putting two or three steps between areas can also help to create a mental and physical divide between areas, while features such as a raised bar or a second tier on an island can also help to create separation.

Tip #2: Add Partial Walls and Indoor Windows

Adding partial walls can help you to maintain an open feel while also separating certain rooms. If you want to get even more creative while maximizing natural light flow, consider installing internal windows. This design option helps to provide a quiet space without cutting the room off from the rest of the home, making it a great option for a home office.

Tip #3: Have Fun with Dividers

Room dividers can also come in forms other than walls and windows. When considering the types of dividers that you can use, try to think outside of the box. For example, a well-placed bookshelf can divide a space while also offering a functional way to increase privacy. Another option is to install drapes on a track on the ceiling that can be opened or closed depending upon how space is being used at the time. Three-panel dividers can be used in a similar way, though they can be more easily moved to various locations in order to create privacy in specific areas. A wide variety of styles are available, with some three-panel dividers even coming with built-in frames for photos.

Tip #4: Get Artsy

Adding privacy to an open concept house also gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. Different types of flooring or varying shades of wallcoverings, for example, can help to separate the rooms in the home. Similarly, you can add privacy in a bathroom by adding frosting or patterned film to the glass enclosure. Decorative metal art, tapestries, stained glass mosaics, and even vintage doors can also be hung from ceiling joists to add interest to your space while also adding privacy. Placing a row of tropical plants on the floor can also help to separate your spaces while also bringing the natural beauty of Hawaii indoors.

Tip #5: Create Nooks

While you may think walls are a no-no with an open concept, it can still be a good choice to create cozy spaces within your home. A broken-plan design can help you create nooks for lounging, studying, reading or studying. If you are dead-set against installing permanent walls, reverting back to tricks such as using bookshelves or room dividers can also help you create these inviting spaces.

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