Decorating Your Honolulu Home in True Hawaiian Style

Living in beautiful Hawaii means being surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring natural landscapes in the world. Every day we get to enjoy sparkling blue waters, pristine sandy beaches, lush green tropical foliage, jewel-toned flowers, and a vibrant cultural heritage. Our vistas and way of life have captivated people for centuries, and many people use them as inspiration for their home decor. If you’d like to bring some true Hawaiian style into your Honolulu home, then here’s what you need to know.

Look to nature for inspiration

Hawaiian style borrows heavily from nature. And why wouldn’t it? Hawaii has some of the most spectacular natural surroundings of just about anywhere on earth, so who needs to improve on what Mother Nature already supplies? When decorating your Honolulu home in Hawaiian style, start by simply looking outside your door for inspiration for colors, textures, and materials.

Choose a Hawaiian color palette

With nature being a major theme in Hawaiian style, the Hawaiian color palette derives from the colors we see in nature here in Hawaii. Our natural landscapes feature an impressive blend of bright jewel tones combined with more subdued hues. Think of sandy beaches paired with bright blue waters and sky or natural woods paired with lush green plants and red, yellow, and orange flowers. Determine how you want your room to feel, whether it’s laid-back and relaxing or bright and invigorating. Then choose a color palette that evokes those feelings.

Incorporate Hawaiian-inspired furniture

Furniture inspired by the natural materials found on our islands also helps to create a home that has true Hawaiian style. Look for items made from bamboo, rattan, jute, and wicker. Mango, monkeypod, and koa are also popular wood types for Hawaiian-style furniture. Woven furniture is quite popular, as is furniture that is upholstered with vivid colors and patterns. And, of course, don’t forget a hammock!

Optimize your view

Many of the homes in Honolulu and on Oahu feature gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean and landscape. That’s why the Hawaiian style also emphasizes optimizing the view with large windows and simple window treatments. Sheer curtains and woven shades can help to diffuse the light and create privacy without sacrificing those million-dollar views. Skylights are also a marvelous addition to any Honolulu home. These let you bring in all that abundant natural light and give you front-row seats to stargazing at night.

Add flair with island-inspired decorative touches

Finally, take your Hawaiian-style home to the next level by adding decorative touches inspired by the island and culture. Look for textiles, pillows, and blankets that incorporate tropical patterns like palm trees, flowers, and pineapples. Hang art created by a local Hawaiian artist on your walls or find other quirky artistic decor in one of our local shops.

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