Originating from a small community of surfers and artists, the coastal neighborhood of Waikiki is Oahu’s most iconic tourist destination. Now a diverse and vibrant residential neighborhood. Waikiki boasts gorgeous beaches, numerous attractions and lovely houses for residents to enjoy.

The Waikiki Lifestyle

Waikiki is a very densely populated neighborhood in comparison to most other neighborhoods in the United States. In fact, the neighborhood boasts a population density of 41,475 people per square mile, making it more tightly packed than more than 98 percent of the neighborhoods throughout the country. With its location right along the coast, however, residents enjoy easy access to a wide variety of water-based activities. The neighborhood is also quite walkable and offers historic charm coupled with a nautical feel. The neighborhood is so walkable, in fact, that a large number of residents do not own a car and choose to walk or bike to work instead of driving or using public transportation.

Fun in the Sun in Waikiki

Residents of Waikiki enjoy easy access to a wide variety of beaches and parks. Some of the beaches located in the neighborhood include:

  • Fort DeRussy Beach
  • Grays Beach
  • Kahanamoku Beach
  • Kuhio Beach
  • Waikiki Beach

Meanwhile, some of the parks located within the neighborhood include:

  • Ala Wai Harbor
  • Kahanamoku Lagoon
  • Kapiolani Park
  • Kuhio Beach Park

Waikiki is also home to a number of family attractions, including the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium. In addition, Kapiolani Park serves as a practice arena for a variety of sports and activities throughout the year, while the Kapiolani Bandstand and Waikiki Shell offer concerts and other live performances for residents to enjoy.

Waikiki Housing

Following a $100 million initiative by several private developers in the 1970s, Waikiki became home to numerous high rises. The number of high rises was further increased in the mid-2000s when additional developments were added to the scene, creating the look of Waikiki that it is known for today. As such, Waikiki is largely a condominium market for those who are interested in purchasing a residence in the neighborhood.

Most of the homes in Waikiki are small to medium-sized, ranging from studio apartments all the way up to four-bedroom units. The vast majority of the apartments do, however, fall on the smaller side. While a significant number of homes in the neighborhood were built between 1970 and 1999, some were built between 1940 and 1969 while others are much newer. Most homes within the neighborhood are well-established, but not necessarily old. In addition, while the neighborhood is best known for its condos, there are some single-family homes within the Waikiki neighborhood. In addition, despite the hefty population density, vacant homes and apartments are quite common in Waikiki. This is partially due to a large number of vacation homes in the neighborhood, though several residences are also permanently abandoned.

With all that the neighborhood has to offer, it is easy to see why so many are interested in calling Waikiki home. Contact us today to learn more!