5 Tips for Best Utilizing Social Media in Real Estate

Social media offers a number of advantages when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Not only can it help to increase outreach, but social media also offers the opportunity to build your brand, increase your networking capabilities and generate leads. But how can social media be used to help you achieve all of these great benefits? Here is a look at five ways to get the most out of your social media marketing.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Social Media Networks

There are several different types of social media networks available for you to use with your real estate business. When selecting the social media network that you wish to use, you should consider the demographics of your target audience. This includes the location, age group, level of education and profession of the audience you are targeting. By considering the demographics of your target audience, you can better determine which social media networks are the best for you and how to use them.

Tip #2: Provide Quality Content

Whether tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook or sharing photos on Pinterest, you want to be sure the content that you are providing is quality and offers a consistent message. Remember, your goal is to convince others to follow you and your content. If there is no value in your content, there is no reason to continue to tune-in. Winning followers also requires posting content on a consistent basis. For example, most experts suggest posting eight to ten posts on Facebook every day in order to build a dedicated audience. To ensure your content is posting regularly, you may want to consider scheduling it ahead of time to post.

Tip #3: Engage Your Audience

While social media is a great way to showcase photos of properties that you have for sale, your content should go beyond just photos and property stats. Rather, you should look for ways to emotionally engage with your audience. For example, your content may highlight company accomplishments, market trends or even home décor ideas. You can even create engaging videos of client interviews, special events, and neighborhood walkthroughs. 

Tip #4: Stay Engaged

Social media offers an excellent opportunity to interact with potential clients and others who could be beneficial to the success of your business. Don’t miss out on these opportunities by posting content and then walking away! Rather, take the time to interact with your followers and further engage them in your content. Remember, your social networking platform offers the ideal opportunity to build a community around your brand. You can accomplish this by replying to comments and responding to all tags that mention your page. You may also want to consider going “live” on the social media platform of your choice. This will help you to increase real-time engagement with your audience.

Tip #5: Monitor and Make Adjustments

Finally, as you work toward utilizing social media, be sure to continuously monitor the results and make adjustments as necessary. Social media analytics will help you track your content performance so you can better determine which content performs the best, when to best time your posts and when and how to maximize audience engagement.

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